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Dylan’s Liquor Store online is a boutique neighborhood liquor store engaged in the sales of global wines, spirits and premium beers. We offer an extensive listing over 100 different brands including the most popular brands of liquor, beer, and wines. Included in the stores portfolio of traded global premium brands are Johnny Walker, Hennesy, Bacardi, Chivas Regal, Jack Daniels, Baileys, Absolut, Ballantines, Remy Martin, Jose Cuervo, Captain Morgan, Martell, Glenlivet and Grey Goose.

Dylan’s Liquor Store also plays a role in the marketing and distribution of Camus Cognac, Ungava Gin, Russian Standard Vodka and local premium rum, Don Papa. With many satisfied customers within the Woodlands area, Dylan’s Liquor Store (dls) is backed up by knowledgeable and well-motivated employees who actively provide each client with excellent customer service.

Who Is Dylan’s Liquor Store

Our mission is to constantly seek out high-quality beer, wine and spirits to share with our customers and community and to offer these products in an optimal shopping environment; friendly, informative and convenient.

Grow responsibly and Profitably within our market with the passion to be the best online liquor store

We value people working and collaborating together as a team. Our organization is made up of many people and teams. We believe that we deliver the highest level of quality service to our customer and each other through mutual respect, open communication and collaboration. We are stronger as a team than any one individual.

We value high levels of integrity and do the right thing for our customers, employees, and suppliers. Often times this requires that we balance the needs and concerns of all stakeholders.

We value actions that are a result of real passion for our products, industry and company. Passion drives high levels of commitment, engagement and excitement for the work we do. Growing and sharing knowledge is critical to ongoing growth and success, individually and as organization. We expect that all employees invest in themselves through learning more about business, our products, suppliers, and industry and openly sharing this knowledge with others.

Our Product Category

Armagnac 61
Bitters 40
Cognac 85
Gin 35
Jenever 11
Liqueurs 22
Tequila 61
Vermouth/Aperitif 76
Vodka 90

Our Brand


Stopped in and found a fantastic selection. Wound up spending 3 hours chatting with the owner and had an absolute blast of a time. Didn’t hurt my feelings that he also had a great bottle I’d been needing! Made a new friend with my visit

Jake Nobles, Customer

Really nice selection and very friendly service, family owned.
I love to support local businesses.

Kerry Stessel, Customer

Excellent choices! Out standing SERVICE! Thank you for helping me with all the gifts for my friends, family and parties.

Loved your ideas on my WHITE ELEPHANT gift for Xmas Party!

Arti Patel, Customer

Thank you for the warming welcome… I will come back!!!

Valeria R. Herrin, Customer

First off I don’t drink much but I was looking to replace our bottle of Disarrono that we use as an after dinner iced coffee drink with heavy whipped cream.  I never knew this shopping center even had a liquor store.  This actually is good news because the liquor store in my main shopping center in The Village of Cochrans Crossing closed a while back.

I asked the nice lady at Lou Lou Beignets if there was a liquor store by chance in this other Village I was in.  She said yes.  I was so happy because I had all nearby errands to do.

So I walked into Dylan’s and was nicely greeted by a friendly gentleman.  I saw the overhead signs so I went down the appropriate aisle.  I couldn’t find the DiSaronno so I asked the friendly gentleman.  He led me right to it.  It was in a lovely designed bottle.

I was impressed by how orderly and clean the store was.  Also the gentleman working there was professional and kind.  I got a good price so I was happy with my purchase.

So now y’all know The Village of Alden Bridge has a liquor store and the Village of Cochrans Crossing peeps have a nearby liquor store also.  Oh btw they have those little sample bottles to purchase and they rotate them with other ones.

Plenty of parking

Carol C., Customer

Great friendly liquor store, great selection of various beer wines and spirits. Very nice and welcoming host. Family owned and operated. Definitely recommend to stop by and pay a visit. You will find almost everything here. There may be very specific things they may not have which are rarely a regular item. But if you request them, they will definitely get it for you on matter of a week or two. Great selection of bourbons, single malt scotches, vodka, run, gin and tequila. Must visit location to support local business.

C P., Customer

Great, family owned store. They have lots of premium and often difficult to find spirits. They are also accommodating of your requests for new items.

Tom G., Customer